Monday, August 1, 2011

On The Move Again!

I can’t believe it has been a year since our last post! We have so much to share as God has once again got us on the move. So, let’s start at the beginning…

Since Enrique returned from Africa in April 2010, we have been seriously praying and seeking God’s will for our future. Since we got married 8 years ago, we knew God had called us to serve Him in ministry together. During the past 3 years, Enrique has been serving God full time through the Salvation Army in St. Paul, MN. Although, Chrissie has joined in and served as she was able, she continued to work full time as a nurse. We knew God had equipped us and called us to serve Him as a team and therefore spent countless hours, days, and months seeking His will for our lives. During our time with the Salvation Army, we have seen God use a variety of methods, settings, and people to share the love of Christ to the world whether that is in an inner city, small town, or overseas. So, after several months of prayer, we realized that God has been gently leading us to full time ministry together as officers in the Salvation Army.

This past January, we began the process of applying for full time ministry with the Salvation Army. It has been exciting to see God continue to lead us and provide in big ways each step of the way. Although, we were unsure of the timing, God knew it all along. In May, we were accepted as officer candidates by the Salvation Army and trusted God with all the details. To become a Salvation Army officer, you are required to attend a 22 month training college in Chicago which begins each August. During this time of training, they prepare you to serve in a variety of ministry settings including inner city, suburban, social services, disaster relief, and cross-cultural ministry. Some of this, we have already done and been trained in and some of it will be completely new to us. Since we both have already attended Bible College and have ministry experience, they will not make us repeat courses, but rather give us opportunities to further our education and experiences by partnering with a Bible college and local Chicago area Salvation Army ministries.

So, what does this all mean??? We are moving to Chicago on August 19th!!! We put our house up for sale, we are selling many of our belongings, we resigned from our current jobs, and we are busy packing. The training college is located a few blocks from Wrigley Field and Lake Michigan! Our new baby girl, who is due on September 24th, will be born in Chicago and our beloved dog, Penny, is moving to New York to live with Enrique’s parents during the 22 month training period. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in the training college apartments… When the training is over, our ultimate desire is to return to overseas ministry, but we will wait and trust God with our first assignment.

We would love for you to partner with us in prayer during this transition time and throughout our ministry with the Salvation Army. We look forward to hearing from many of you. We will begin to update our blog regularly once again as we move back into full time ministry as a family!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stuck in Africa

Who knew that a volcano erupting in Iceland would prevent Enrique from returning home from Africa today... But, that is exactly what has happened. So, Enrique is stuck in Africa. Don't worry, he is safe and being well cared for, but his family is ready for him to return. I have had very few contacts with him since he left. Overall, I believe he had a great time on the trip and I have heard brief reports of God working through the team. I am anxious for his return, but only God knows at this point when that will be. We are praying and hopeful that he will return this week. The team has not been able to get a flight scheduled out of Africa yet, but we are hopeful and waiting... Keep praying for the team as many have obligations and family back here in the USA. Also, pray that God would use this time as well. I will keep you updated.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Woe, Ghana

Enrique has been busy preparing for his mission trip to Woe, Ghana with the Salvation Army. He leaves this Friday, April 9th and returns on April 17th. The team consists of 22 people from all over the Twin Cities. They will be working with a local Salvation Army church in Woe doing a VBS, a literacy project, and completing a roof on their church building. This church has been waiting to complete the roof on their building for the past 30 years. How exciting to get to be a part of it!

Please pray for Enrique and the team as they prepare this week and during their time in Ghana. Specifically, pray for safe travel, that everyone stays healthy, that relationships would be built with the local church, and that the team would be an encouragement and help to the local believers. Also, pray for God to use this time to give some guidance and clarity to both of us as we look towards a future in full time ministry together once again.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catch up again...

I really mean to update this more than once a season, I just don't know where the time goes... I wish I could say winter was already over, but I think we still have a few months to go. So much has been happening in our lives lately, that it is hard to try to catch up on everything. But, here are some pictures to try to fill in the blanks.

We went camping over labor day weekend and had a great time! Wish we could have gone more often during the summer.

We found this great bike at a consignment sale right before it got cold outside. Marissa had a good time learning to ride her new bike!

Marissa dressed up twice for Halloween. She was Annie at her preschool.

And a pirate for trick or treating. Too bad it was so cold on Halloween night that we only made it to one house...

We have a park a few blocks from our house with a sliding hill. We all had a fun time!
I have been teaching a Sunday School class at our church over the past several months. It has been amazing to see God work through this group of women. We started out with 3 people in the class and it has grown to 8-10 women on average. God is truly changing lives. We had a Christmas party at our house and it was a great time for all. There were over 20 some people packed into our house, not including us... What a night!

Enrique has been given the opportunity to go on a Salvation Army mission trip in April. He will be going to Woe, Ghana. God has really been using the last few months as a time of reflection for both Enrique and myself. Pray for us as we try to follow God in all we do. Stay tuned. More details to come!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is summer really over?

We can't believe September is already here. The weather is already getting cool and it feels like fall is right around the corner. Oh, who are we kidding, winter is probably right around the corner for us here in MN. So, we figured we better catch everyone up on our summer fun before the first snow flakes begin to fall...
Yes, this is a summer picture! Marissa is enjoying the park while Enrique is playing softball.
Marissa hanging out in the Hot Tub with her cousins
4th Of July Fireworks! Marissa is having more fun trying to squeeze herself into a bag designed for a camping chair.
We found some incredibly cheap tickets and were able to spend a long weekend in Texas (perhaps better known as the promise land for you native Texans) visiting our good friends Allison and Drew before they move to Germany for 3 years. We are going to miss them, but we definitely won't miss the summer heat of Texas! The above picture is of Horseshoe Bay a beautiful resort where we spent one of our nights!
A close up of our friends, Drew, Allison, Lizzy, and Anna Claire.
Marissa lounging in the pool!
Marissa and Anna Claire playing at the beach.
Marissa loved baby Lizzy. Ever since we got home, Marissa has been praying that a baby would start to grow in mommy's tummy and we can name her Lizzy. So, we will see what happens.
We loved Pollo Campero when we lived in Guatemala, so when we found out there was one in Texas, we had to stop in for some of our favorite chicken.

Marissa and Anna Claire took a little while to warm up to each other, but they were friends by the end of the weekend.

What a great summer!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Job!

I am so excited to announce that I will be starting a new job in a few weeks! As many of you know, it was a difficult transition for me when we moved back from Guatemala for many reasons. One of them was the necessity for me to return to hospital nursing. My schedule at the hospital was not very family friendly and it made it very difficult for me to find time to minister alongside of Enrique as my schedule was constantly changing.

After a lot of prayer, God has provided me with a new job as a school nurse. This will be a huge change for me and challenging as I learn my new responsibilities. I am so excited to have a normal schedule with daytime hours. No weekends or holidays!!! It also allows me to be off during the summer which is Enrique's busiest time due to summer daycamp. I can't wait to be able to spend more time in ministry again with my husband. Please pray for a smooth transition for us during this time.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spring, Easter, and Vacation

Pictures sometimes tell a better story, so here are some to enjoy!

We set up our hot tub after the snow finally melted in April!
Marissa colored the Easter eggs all by herself.
We watched our cousins dog for a week and now Marissa wants another puppy!
We traveled to Florida for Titi Julie's wedding and Marissa was excited to be the flower girl.
Marissa and Titi Julie after the wedding.Marissa loved the beach and spending time with her abuela.
We visited old and new friends.
Went on a short Disney cruise.
And were so tired at the end, we could sleep anywhere and we did!